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December, 2022
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December 2022

Jim Angell, 1958-2022

October 2022

Fox Hill Gate 2022 November Halloween2022

Linda & Paul - September 2022

Linda and Paul Johnson Salmon Spawning at Tumwater Falls

August - 2022

Skye Jenkins, Lowitt Ganders and Poppy Ganders; August 2022 Skye & Tom, Aug. 6, 2022

Grandkids - July 2022

Harper Lundy Hunter's Fifth Birthday, July 7, 2022 Adam and Loowit Ganders, July 30, 2022

Bickleton Pioneer Picnic Carousel - June 2022

111th Annual Alder Creek Pioneer Picnic & Rodeo

Bickleton Rodeo - June 11, 2022

June 11, 2022; Alder Creek Pioneer Picnic & Rodeo

Skye Jenkins Visits Amtrak Coast Starlight - May 2022

Lisa Yoshida Newell - April 2022

Lisa Yoshida Newell, April 2022 LisaRobinCapitol

Mia Yoshida & Joe Reding Wedding
Mia & Joe, February 2022

Mexico 2022

Steak Nachos, Cabo

Christmas 2021

November 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 Photo by CaraPoppy and Skye

 October 2021

 September 2021

Great Grandson Jameson

October 6, 2020

Welcome Harper Elizabeth Lundy
August 26, 2020

Harper Elizabeth Lundy

First two photos by permission of Erica Wolfe, Red Barn Photography, Lansing Michigan.

Loowit Lynn Ganders
April 4, 2020
Now Two Years Old!

Loowit, Feb 2022 Loowit, May2021

Skye Training
Now three years old!

Poppy is now 6 years old!

Poppy was born on March 7, 2016.


Celebrating our Elders, Bud & Joan
Bud died Aug. 15, 2019 at age 97 (1921)
Joan died Nov. 9, 2019 at age 87 (1932)

Summer 2019 Road Trip

We're Retired!

Wheel'n and Deal'n

Tiffany earns her dental hygienist degree!

Tiffany graduates with a baccalaureate degree in dental hygiene.

Tiffany Zambrotto received her baccalaureate degree in dental hygiene from Pierce College on June 15, 2018.  She was in the first baccalaureate degree class to graduate in that field from Pierce, longtime recognized as a leader in dental hygienist education.

Skye Elizabeth Jenkins
March 16, 2018


On March 16, 2018 there was red sky at night (background) as Skye was a delight!

Hunter James Lundy is four years old!

Hunter was born on July 11, 2017, so he's our 7-Eleven grandchild. Oh, Thank Heaven!

Robin Celebrates 26 Years
at Providence Mother Joseph

Robin receives award for service at Providence, March 31 2017

Robin was honored for her 26 years of service (and counting) at Providence Mother Joseph during an awards banquet March 31 in Olympia. She gave a profound talk about the mission and history of the rehabilitation and long term care center located near St. Peter's Hospital. Robin has been a senior staff member there from the day it opened 26 years ago. She is pictured with Kate Gormally, Mother Joseph administrator, and Logan Stroud, executive director of Providence Community Services.

Aaron & Jess are married!

Wedding at the Ganders Home - Aug. 20, 2016
More photos can be viewed at: Aaron & Jessica's Folder on Microsoft OneDrive

Cara & Tom are married.

Above: Eugene Pavlov Photography

The Tap
(Eugene Pavlov Photography)

Cara Ganders and Tom Jenkins were married on Aug. 8, 2015 along Silver Creek near the South Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Sublimity, Ore.  The couple lives in Salem.

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Tiffany & Harley are married!
Sept. 13, 2014, Capitol Lake

Photo showing quiet reflection near the state capitol entrance (above right and also photos below) courtesy of Andrea's Photography, Tenino.

Tiffany & Harley at the Olympia Heritage Fountain, Sept 14 2013

LC Reunion

  Larry Ganders, Bill Moline, and Mark Gietz

It was great renewing fiiendships with many old classmates and friends at the Lewis & Clark High School (Spokane) 40-Year Reunion 2018. Larry was honored to be the mc. Pictured to Larry's right is Bill Moline, Larry's childhood friend from elementary school and room mate in Kennewick when he started a career at the Tri-City Herald.  To Larry's left is Mark Gietz, a high school friend who became one of his Rogers Hall roommates at Washington State University. The Class of 1974 was the 62nd of 102 classes that so far have graduated from the historic high school. The high school cornerstone was set in place by President Theodore Roosevelt.  It even has gargoyles of academics  looking down from the school entrance. Our class was the year of Spokane's Expo '74. The fair was held just blocks from our downtown school.


Bickleton Bluebirds

Bluebird Chick, Whoop 'n Holler Museum, Aug 2013 Bickleton Bluebird at IOOF Cemetary, 2005

Back by popular demand are some of Larry's unique mountain bluebird photos taken in his native Bickleton.  One of his favorite, upper right, is his 2005 snapshot of a bluebird with a classic Bickleton nest box taken near the Odd Fellows Cemetery. This month, with the assistance of Ada Ruth Whitmore at the Whoop 'n Holler Museum, he photographed a bluebird chick inside a birdhouse (upper left.)  Lower left is Ada Ruth and Lawrence Whitmore, taken this month at their museum south of Bickleton. Ada Ruth was among many Bickleton-area volunteers who promoted, established, and cleaned bird houses in the Bickleton area, restoring the necessary nesting habitat for bluebirds that was lost to farmland development. The town recognizes a Richland couple, Jess and Elva Brinkerhoff, who were picnicking near Bickleton in the 1950s and started a tradition of putting a can in a tree for the birds.  That led to the familiar blue and white birdhouses. The state's oldest operating tavern (1882), was renamed the "Bluebird Inn" and the small town now declares itself the "Bluebird Capital of the World." The photos demonstrate that all these efforts paid off.

Ada Ruth and Lawrence Whitmore, Aug 2013

Camping in Klickitat County - August 2013

MerryGoRound Bickleton Bank Display at Carousel Museum, 2013


Sam Ganders, Larry's grandfather, was among four men who led efforts to bring a turn of the century Merry-Go-Round to Bickleton for the nearby Pioneer Picnic in 1929. The historic carousel (Armitage Herschel/Spillman) was purchased from Oaks Park in Portland and has been restored and operates every year in June. It is more than 100 years old. and could date back 120 years. There are less than 10 operating in the United States. The horses are on display at Bickleton's Carousel Museum.  (By the way, Oaks Park still exists as a Portland amusement park after 108 years of continuous operation. That may be a clue to the Bickleton merry-go-round's age.)  Both Larry's grandfather and father, Former State Sen. Stanton Ganders, served as presidents of the Pioneer Picnic celebration. A prominent wheat farmer in the region, Sam Ganders also worked at the bank and eventually became a member of the Board of Directors.  An antique water trough from Sam Ganders' barn is also currently on display at the museum.  Our Bickleton trip to re-discover family roots also took us to the Whoop 'n Holler Museum south of Bickleton where Larry's great grandfather's1800s buggy is on display.  We also saw the family cider press at the Presby Museum in Goldendale. Below is Larry in front of Bickleton's restored Livery Stable. Larry's grandmother was the daughter of the owner of the stable and "The Grand Hotel" that was across the street.  Below right is the great grandfather's buggy. Read more about Bickleton and our family at the Ganders History Page.


Bickleton Livery Family Buggy

Harley and Tiffany Adam & Hannah's July 23 Wedding
Anna & Kris emerging from Manito Presbyterian Church, Spokane Laugh The bride with her father, Paul Johnson

Top is the wedding Lisa and Keith Newell at the Spokane Club on Sept. 28, 2019. of Jessica and Aaron Lundy in the Ganders backyard on August 20, 2016. Tiffany and Harley's Wedding was Sept. 13, 2014 at Olympia's Capitol Lake.  Photo courtest of Andrea's Photography, Tenino. Adam and Hannah's wedding was July 23, 2011 in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, photo courtesy of Byron Vasecka Photography, Spokane. Below, our niece, Anna Yoshida, married Air Force Lt. Kris Souza at Manito Presbyterian Church, Spokane, on Oct. 15, 2011. Anna is the daughter of Lisa Yoshida (Larry's sister) and Akira Yoshida.  Larry, of all people, performed the Oct. 3, 2010 ceremony for the wedding of Teresa and Terry Lin at the Thurston County Fairgrounds in Olympia )  Larry and Robin's New Year's Day wedding in 2006 at the Spokane home of Lisa & Akira Yoshida.  Right, Niece Lisa is escorted by her father, Paul Johnson when she married Matt Neel Sept. 10, 2011 near Newport, Ore.  

Tiffany at Graduation, June 2012 Adam Ganders & Grandpa Bud Boisen, 5-8-2010
Tiffany graduated June 15, 2012 with an Associate in Arts Degree from South Puget Sound Community College with honors from Phi Beta Kappa. She is now continuing her education at Pierce College to achieve a baccalaureate degree in dental hydiene.  Cara and Adam are among what are called the "007" graduates of 2007, perhaps because this 2007 class' education seemed at times like "Mission Impossible." Cara graduated from the University of Washington on a rainy day at Husky Stadium on June 9, 2007. She is sporting a golden yellow tassel that signifies her bachelor of science degree in environmental and conservation biology, attained in exactly four years. Adam, who is now WSU athletics development officer, graduated from Washington State University with a degree in business administration. He received is baccalaureate in just 3 1/2 years! In May, 2010, Adam graduated with a WSU master's degree in sports management (pictured lower right with his Grandfather, another WSU alum). 

Northwest Wildlife
Backyard Frog Goldfinch in Ganders backyard, 2015 Red-breasted Sapsucker
Salamander in Ganders front yard Fox Hill Deer in July 09 Fox Hill Elk June 12 09
Tree frog in Ganders backyard, 2016 A blue heron in the bay by Fort Flagler Douglas Squirrel 
Rufous, Backyard, April 2021 
Top left is a red-legged frog and Western Goldfinch taken in the Ganders Fox Ridge yard.   To the right is a red-breasted sapsucker and a Northwestern Salamander in the Ganders front yard. Below is a a wild turkey taken Christmas 2009 at the family ranch in Hauser Lake, Idaho. Next is a deer photo taken near our Olympia home. Members of an Elk herd wandered by just a block away. Below is a tree frog on a Ganders backyard geranium and Blue Crane at Fort Flagler State Park, a Christmas 2013 shot of wild turketys at Hauser, and a July 2015 picture of a moose cow and one of her two calves at Cave Bay, Lake Coeur d' Alene.

We miss you

 Chuck Hitchings 
Betty Ganders Room Akira in Japanese Bamboo Forest, 2008

A cherished member of our family, Bob Plotts, died Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014 at The Hospice House in Spokane with complications from diabetes and colon cancer. A dear friend, Chuck Hitchings, passed away in Lacey on December, 22, 2012.  Our fantastic mother and grandmother, Betty Ganders, passed away Dec. 8, 2008.  Akira Yoshida, beloved husband, father and teacher, passed away July 9, 2010.
Hannah's father, Gary Finkas, passed away Dec. 23, 2011.


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